Easter Egg
Easter Egg

$100 – Standard Package - Can be any combination of Cash/Gift Cards/Products/Merchandise
Logo displayed on our web page and linking to your site or media page for 1 Year. (Jan-Dec)

Being advertised at our Demolition Derby Swap Meet.

Advertising Package


A Brief Summary

Nebraska Demolition Derby is a Website Platform that helps Promote the Demolition Derby Sport in the State of Nebraska.  We have a very nice Web Site: NebraskaDerby.com which houses Nebraska Demolition Derby information for the State of Nebraska. Currently our website sees an Average of 15,000+ views per month during the May-September time frame and around 3,000+ views during the other months. Combined yearly average of 50k views a year. Nebraska Demolition Derby is also on Facebook. Nebraska Demolition Derby's Facebook page currently has 6,500+ likes. Nebraska Demolition Derby is also on YouTube. Nebraska Demolition Derby's YouTube channel has 600+ Subscribers. Nebraska Demolition Derby Promotes over 50+ derbies all across the State of Nebraska.

Video & Photography

I (Trent Bosler), also travel around to Nebraska Demolition Derby's in Nebraska and do Videography and shoot Photography for all the drivers free of charge. I then post the Demolition Derby's on YouTube and post the photos on our Facebook page and Flickr. I try attend as many Derby's as I am capable. I also have friends that also video Derby's that I'm not capable of getting too.

To provide a Service that houses Demolition Derby Information for the Demolition Derby Sport.

To provide Memorable Film and Photography for the Demolition Derby Community.

To Promote the Demolition Derby Sport for years to come!

Nebraska Demolition Derby is currently seeking support from businesses to help with things we want to try in 2021, to help promote our sport and your business during our Demolition Derby's.  We are flexible and can work with any Business and can accept monetary, your products, or gift cards, tickets, etc.  Your products, tickets, gift cards are something new we are accepting because we can give them away to Demolition Derby Fans/Drivers in hopes they come spend additional money at your business.  All would be utilized in different ways to help promote Nebraska Demolition Derby and your Business. Examples of use would be: Our Annual Best Demolition Derby Trophy which gets voted upon by the Demolition Derby Community each year, Gifts/Prizes: gift cards, tickets, demolition derby products to give away at our annual Demolition Derby Swap Meet and or giveaway through Facebook, Annual Cost/Maintenance to keep website running for years to come so we can continue to Promote the sport.  In exchange for any of those items, your Business logo on our website (linked to your website or social media page) & Being advertised at our annual Demolition Derby Swap Meet.

​Interested in Advertising?
Email: nebraskaderby@gmail.com
Call: Trent Bosler (402)750-6784

Please email nebraskaderby@gmail.com to advertise on nebraskaderby.com.  We look forward to working with your business!