Dylan Moore

Car Number:
North Platte, NE
Jeff and Rayan Moore- Parents, Dayne Moore- Brother, Roger and Rosemary Renken- Grandparents, Noah and Tigh Renken- Cousins that both demo with me.
Years Derbying:
Pit Crew:
Noah Renken, Robert Renken, Roger Renken, Royce Renken, Eli Renken, Tigh Renken, Dayne Moore
Moore & Hawks CPA, Lazy RW Brewery, Convenience Plus, Those Blasted Signs, Dannull Engine Service, Tri-City Auto Parts, Evan Farm and Demo Team, Hisel Insurance, Just Al
Favorite Track and Why:
My favorite track so far is Lincoln County Race track in North Platte because I got the chance to drive in my very first demo there. It is also my favorite because I got to drive in front of all of my family and friends that came to support me for my first time.
Favorite Derby Moment:
My favorite derby moment is after my first demo I looked over to my Grandpa Roger, he has helped us build our cars and is always there with us, and seeing his huge smile on his face.
Greatest Derby Accomplishment:
Getting second in my second derby and being able to drive with my cousins in a hobby that we all love and enjoy doing.
Favorite Derby Driver:
Robert Renken, my uncle

Favorite Car Type:

Monte Carlo because it was my very first demo car that I drove.