Years Derbying:


Mom, Dad and Lil Sis Jena
Pit Crew: 

Kris and Kamler Family, Tyler Young, and whoever would throw a hand in.
What got you into derbying?:  

My dad helped on his buddies car when I was 8 or 9 and I was hooked from there.
Additional Comments: 

Started in the compact class and now I've been changing over into the big cars.
Other Hobbies: 

Making derby products or just welding
Greatest Accomplishment:

Runner up in Ravenna for 3 years in a row.  Would love to change that.
Favorite Movie: 

Anything with Adam Sandler or Days of Thunder
Favorite Car: 

Mustang II.  I love to rock people with that car and big car is the 80's vic
Favorite Beverage: 

Bottled Water, I know LAME
Favorite Sports Team: 

Favorite Derby Track: 

Ravenna has always been my favorite but Kearney's outdoor is taking over because the track is big and you hook up really well.
Favorite Derby Moments: 

If you have seen me I have a big scare above my right eye.  The hammer got a hold of me when I was rolling a fender up the day before my first derby.

Tyic Miller