St. Edward
(Parents) Bob and Janet, (brother) Matt aka (Gomer), (sisters) Richelle and Robin, (wife) Haylee, (sons) Mason and Ryker 
Imperial Heaven, WRP
Pit Crew: 
Family and Friends
What got you into derbying?:
My Dad has done it for years and as I was growing up I wanted to fill his shoes and thats where I am at today.  And couldn't have done it without him and my brother Matt and friends that we have met through the years in this "lifestyle"
Greatest Accomplishment Derbying: 
Building a car in 4 days numerous times (actually being a hard car).  1st place St. Paul, 3rd Place Central City, 5th Place Kearney, 2nd Place Albion, 8th Place in Ultimate Demo Promotions Championship in Genoa with a week build and first 80's newer
Favorite Derby Track: 
Genoa - Always a good turn out and lots of friends and family can attend to support being so close to home.  That and in my opinion it was made for a "Mopar"
Favorite Derby Moment:
1st Place at St. Paul with the only imperial there and third derby to ever run.  We showed up and unloaded the car and was doing a look over and realized the K-Frame was separating from the frame itself.  So we #9 wired it together which is all we had at the time and it held the whole show.
Greatest Derby Accomplishment:
Beating my ideals 
Favorite Type of Car:
Any mopar

Wanna thank everyone for the help and support and all the great people that we have met and become friends with in the derby life!  

Jesse Hoffmeister