Nathan Holtzen


Car Number: 


Parents: Kevin and Angie Siblings: Zach and Ashton
Pit Crew: 

Friends and Family

9th place in my first derby at age 16 and 1st place at the 2013 Fillmore County Fair
What got you into derbying: 

My Grandpa started to derby before I was born and when Dad was of age he started to derby along with his brothers so when I was growing up we were always building derby cars.  Dad stopped running derbies 1 year before I was old enough to go into the pits so I was pretty upset but it wouldn't be too long before I would be on the track.
Favorite Track and Why?: 

Osceola, because it is my hometown track
Favorite Derby Moments: 

Running a derby with my dad at Osceola and Carelton
Greatest Derby Accomplishment: 

Winning my first derby ever when the odds were stacked against me.
Favorite Driver: 

Matt McClure
Favorite Movie: 

Fast and Furious
Favorite: Song: 

You're Gonna Go Far Kid  By: Offspring
Favorite Car: 

1970 Challenger outside of derby and 1975 Newport for Derby