Wife: Tricia  Son: Colton
Pit Crew: 

Joel Brush, Paul Krause, Rod Krause, Travis Krause, Greg Sunde, Vince Sunde, Bruce Peterson, Evan Peterson, Rusty Peterson

Steel Creation (Morse Bluff) and  R&B Service Center (Omaha)

Lots of Top 5's
What got you into derbying: 

My uncles and cousins.  Always helping them building cars.
Favorite Track and Why?: 

Arlington (Washington County Fair) Most of my family would show up, it was like a family reunion, its usually standing room only.
Favorite Derby Moments: 

Grudge match in Arlington, between my family Orange Crush and the Oakland boys.  I won the grudge match!
Greatest Derby Accomplishment: 

Arlington Win

Kirk Sake