Drew Fausett

Car Number:



Highmore, SD

Sons: Isaac and Elijah (My Biggest Fans)
Pit Crew: 

Kurtis Dudo and Brett Miller - Special Thanks to Brendan Eilts, Matt Hurt, Becky Burks, and Danielle Dudo

Drove 21 demo's made the feature every time but 3
What got you into derbying: 

I'd like to have a story about how my dad and grandad ran derby cars in the past, but the truth is sheer boredom got us into derby!
Greatest Accomplishment Derbying: 

Running 4 derbies and 8 heats in a 85 Delta 88 and making a little money along the way
Favorite Race Car Driver: 

Me, obviously
Favorite Movie: 

Favorite Song: 

Too many to list just one.  Being a guitar player makes it pretty hard to pick.
Favorite Car: 

1967-75 Chevy C10
Favorite Beverage: 

A Cold one.  Doesn't matter much what it is
Favorite Sports Team: 

Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite Derby Track: 

It's a toss up between Holdrege and State Fair, Holdrege because it's a sloppy mess, and the State Fair because it's in GI and less than a mile from my house.
Favorite Derby Moments: 

Getting to know the drivers in Nebraska in our first year here (2013) and Using 3 forklifts to straighten the frame on our car