Years Derbying: 

Car Number: 


Williams Drilling Inc, Ralph's Geneva Tire, Midwest Steel, R & D Auto Parts(Carquest), Action Auto Supply (Napa) and Raptor Fab.

Son: Jackson  Daughter: Sarah
106 career demos (give or take a few because we didn't keep track the first couple of years)
54 career Victories 
(21 times took top 3 as brothers and a friend)
(21 times took top 2 as brothers)
(6 times solo)

Proud finishes @ National/Big Type Demos
'07 3rd Husker Havoc II
'07 MADDOG winner Crash-o-Rama
'08 2nd R&R Team demo
'08 1st Holdrege Team demo
'09 8th Husker Havoc IV
'10 1st Derby's 4U (B feature) 

Crash for Cash Points Championships
'06 3rd
'07 2nd (this is the year we took top four C.D. S.T. J.T. D.H.)
'08 3th

County Fair Highlights
- Top 3 for 3 years in a row '02 '03 '04 Webster County Fair (Bladen, NE)
- Top 3 for 3 times in a row '03 '04 spring '04 fall Bloomington, NE
- Adams County Fair Champion in '01 '02 '03

- Cleaned house at Hansen and Fisher shows in 2002 -1st at Hastings, 1st at Bladen and 1st at Deweese

Most Dominate Track:
Fillmore County Fair (Geneva, NE)
Champions '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 (skipped in '06) 
(either Josh, Dad or I won)
In '07 took top four

Best brother finish:
'05 1st and 2nd Doniphan, NE (62 cars, one heat go)
What got you into derbying: 

Our Dad derbied and did this sport for 15 or so years.  We have been around for demos since we were old enough to walk.

Shad Turner