Bertrand, NE 
Car Number:
Robert and Jennifer Renken- Parents Dawson, Lucas, Eli, Rylan Renken - Siblings Roger & Rosemary Renken- Grandparents Tigh Renken - Cousin Dylan Moore- Cousin both Demo with me. 
Years Derbying:
Pit Crew:
Robert Renken, Roger Renken, Eli Renken, Royce Renken, Dylan Moore, Tigh Renken. 
Convenience Plus, Those Blasted Signs, Dannull Engine Service, Tri-City Auto Parts, Evans Farm and Demo Team. 
What got you into Derbying?:
My dad did it for 25 years until his health forced him to quit. I’ve been around it all my life. I went to my first demo at 4 weeks old and have been around it all my life. 
Favorite Track and Why:
My favorite track has always been Holdrege up until these past 2 years when it’s been too muddy for my little 90s and newer cars to go through. 
Favorite Derby Moments:
Being able to continue on my dads number 31 in all my demos.
Greatest Derby Accomplishment:
Winning my first ever demo in a 95 Taurus Station wagon.being able to run it again 2 more times. 
Favorite Derby Driver:
My father of course. 
Favorite Type of Car:
All the station wagons out there. Loved seeing them as a kid, love driving them now. 

Noah Renken