Car Number:


Wife: Mikayla Daughters: Quinnley & Raegan
Pit Crew:

Danny, Darek, Jarod and Mathew Kouma, Jeff Knuth, Kevin Lavicky, and Clinton Roberts

Kouma Farms
What got you into Derbying:
My two best friends Danny and Darek Kouma. I was helping them out all through high school. The summer of 2004 they game me Darek's old 79 New Yorker pre-ran, ever since then I've been hooked
Favorite Track:

Seward - Where I got started. Arcadia - I roll the same guy twice.
Favorite Derby Moments: Building cars & having a blast with the crew in the Kouma shop.

Greatest Derby Accomplishment:

2nd - Holdrege 2015 Max Weld, 4th Seward 2015 Limited Weld, 8th Arcadia 2011 Limited Weld
Favorite Type of Car:

2 Door 73 Impala

Matt Hurt