Jose Davila

Car Number:


McCook ,NE
Years Derbying:
Not quite a Year derby debut was September 22, 2018 in North Platte 
Pit Crew:
My sister, Weston Matson and Zane Brown 
Stampede Trucking
Favorite Track and Why:
North Platte is probably my favorite. I’ve ran good there before, was the place I made my derby debut last September at the Rail Days Derby. Ran in a compact heat in a 90s and newer *old school there in June. We had the option to run since only the compacts showed up, I finished 3rd and it was my first time place on my third try. 
Favorite Derby Moment:
Running after it just down poured in Stockville this year. Was pretty fun and my first derby as well.
Greatest Derby Accomplishment:
With out a shadow of a doubt my greatest accomplishment was getting into the sport and place on my third derby ever.
Favorite Derby Driver:
Tie between Ozzie Romero and the Stienbeck Brothers since they got me into the sport.

Favorite Car Type:

Old school and Limited Weld