Car Number:


Dwight, NE
Parents: Ernie and Denise Buresh! Siblings: AJ, Chris, Jenna, and Lacey! Brother/sister In laws: Valerie, Holly, Don and Tyson! Nieces/ Nephews: Nicole, Logan, Brittney, Jacob, Hailey, Austin, Hannah, Aiden, Briley, Jaax, and Brody! 
Pit Crew:
Family and Friends
Favorite Track and Why:
David City, because it’s my home track!
Favorite Derby Moment:
Getting Mad Dog in the duo class and junked award at Corn Husker Chaos 2019! 
Greatest Derby Accomplishment:
I would have to say that my biggest Accomplishment was probably finishing in the top 3 at I-80. Considerably the odds were against me. 
Favorite Car Type:
I only run 90s and newers, my favorite two cars to run are Buick Regals and Pontiac Grand Prix 

Kelsey Buresh