Colby Wolff

Stanton, NE

Car Number:

Dad-Shad Mom-Steph Sister-Carrie
Years Derbying:
Pit Crew:
My dad and the Brandl’s if they aren’t competing also. A few other guys once in a while
Brandl’s have helped me get started but after that not many sponsors. 
Favorite Track and Why:
Stanton. Everyone’s favorite track should be their home town but also Stanton is always one of the best derbys in the state. 
Favorite Derby Moment:
Sitting in that seat when the flag drops. The get-a-way you get from life when you’re driving. For either them 10seconds or 30minutes you don’t have to worry about anything but what’s going on out there.
Favorite Derby Driver:
Watching Dan Brandl’s art of driving in reverse makes him my favorite driver.

Favorite Car Type:

Any 71-79 GM at this point is my favorite car type.