Matt Newcomb



Brad Keller Pioneer Seed, DMI

Wife: Tristan  Son: Chase
Pit Crew: 

Dirty Motor Sports Inc., Jay, Andy, Bryan, Wes, Jarod, Josh, John, Chip, John G., Zack, Kane, Jeff, Spike, and Jason

1st Brady 2008.  Still looking for that one major win.  Running in at least 5-6 derbies per year.
What got you into derbying:

I helped a classmate build a car in 1992 and he found one for me to build in 1993 in Ag Shop class and I have been hooked ever since I ran in the very first derby in Beaver City in 1993
Additional Comments:

Derbying is a very competitive and fun sport.  I always try to go and run somewhere each year that I have never run before.